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What Does «You Are Not My Type» Mean?

Men are simple when they communicate. They don’t usually play the role of cryptic or talk «around» an interest. They truly are all business and reasoning, so if they aren’t sleeping, they are most likely only informing it want it is actually. Never try to look for most subtext amongst the traces because there most likely isn’t any.

If he says you are not his sort but he is however interested, take it at face value. He likely is attempting to say that he is usually not interested in severe, brainy girls, but there’s merely something about yourself that intrigues him.

If he is only enthusiastic about sex, he most likely will not point out you’re not his sort, as that will work against their online game. He’ll either lay on the allure and old familiar contours, or he’ll say that you two need to have collectively for many fun sometime.

He will state you are «hot» in the place of telling you you’re pretty. He’s going to eyeball you up and down like an ice cream sundae, in which he’ll move around in close in an aggressive instead sensitive manner. You’re a woman, therefore use your intuition. You know exactly what he is actually thinking about, a good way or even the different.

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